So it’s Day 3, and I’ve already failed at updating daily. I knew that was ambitious…


Anyway, so far I’ve only seen one film — Where to Invade Next. It’s Michael Moore’s best work since Bowling for Columbine. Saw it at the World Premiere on Opening Night with filmgoers, press and film buyers. Apparently the film had never been unspooled for anyone at that point, and you could tell Moore was nervous and anxious before and after the film was done. I’ll have a review up shortly with my brief thoughts.


weloveyoujakeCelebrity wise, I saw Moore that night, along with Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts on the red carpet for Demolition. I’ve been doing red carpets for six years taking pics (and trying for selfies), but ever since camera phones have caught on, it seems like I get more shots of those than I do the celebrities. Or whatever enterprising idea autograph hounds have for getting their attention and ensuring the autograph turns out. Or whatever attention this girl desperately wanted from Gyllenhaal.

So here are my best efforts. Continue Reading