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This Is the End – Review

By David Baldwin

Jay Baruchel is in town to meet up with his friend Seth Rogen. Despite Jay’s insistence to just hang out on their own, Seth takes him to a wild party being thrown at James Franco’s new house. After running into a number of celebrities, Jay just wants to leave. But after a near fatal encounter at a convenience store, Jay is certain something bad is happening. Sure enough, a sinkhole opens in the lawn, followed by death and complete chaos in the surrounding area. The three celebrities quickly barricade themselves inside James’ house alongside Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill and Danny McBride. They are certain they will be rescued, but it quickly becomes apparent the event going on outside is actually the apocalypse.

Celebrities playing exaggerated and not-so exaggerated versions of themselves? The apocalypse, the rapture, heaven and hell? As the trailers began appearing for This Is the End, I was not exactly sure that a comedy like this could be made, much less actually be funny. But rather surprisingly, Rogen alongside writing/directing partner Evan Goldberg have crafted a sweet and hilarious send-up of one of the darkest subject matters around, and have a whole lot of fun doing it in the process. Continue Reading